Standard – be a part of the movement for good business.
Bronze – resolved credible intention…
Silver – significant measurable outcomes…
Gold – exemplary business-wide outcomes…


Indication of Standard – be a part of the movement for good business

Standard – be a part of the movement for good business

Principles and Indicative Criteria for Jersey Good Businesses

The Standard level of Charter membership is non-assessed at the point of application. Prospective members make a self-assessment, which may be audited.

In the self-assessment applicants may answer:
“Yes, we do this”;
“Yes, we are aiming to start doing this”;
“No, we have no intention of doing this”;

Charter membership, at standard level, is awarded on the basis of 12 or more “yes’s” out of 15 possible.


SUPPLIERS – Fair Treatment of Suppliers: Demonstrating fairness in dealings with local suppliers and business partners.


  • Decent terms of business
  • Decent supplier selection
  • Decent supplier communications
  • Decent partnering

CUSTOMERS – Quality Products and Services: Providing high-quality products and services while prioritizing consumer/client satisfaction.


  • Good products
  • Good service
  • Effective sales and marketing
  • Efficient dispute resolution

PEOPLE – Employee Well-being: Ensuring fair treatment and rewarding employees adequately.


  • Fair reward
  • Fair treatment
  • Fair inclusion
  • Transparent communications

ENVIRONMENT – Environmental Responsibility: Minimizing the impact on the planet through sustainable practices.


  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Decreased paper usage
  • Reduced travel footprint

COMMUNITY – Corporate Citizenship: Engaging positively with local communities and contributing to their welfare.


  • Local philanthropic initiatives
  • Community involvement
  • Participation in local politics
  • Contributing to the local economy